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IgG Food Allergy Test

What is a Food Allergy and a Food Allergy Test?

Healthy foods can still be potential trigger of food allergies.
IgG Food Allergy Test is testing for common food, herbs or spices that induce chronic inflammation. Understanding your IgG food allergy profile helps to avoid food accurately. 

What is food allergy ?

  • Food allergy is built-in biochemical reactions to certain naturally occurring substances (e.g. food) in the environment.  The substances that cause allergic reactions are called allergens

  • Any food can be an allergen, particularly as we age, as well as when we eat excessively of one food type. When our immune system over-produces antibodies (Immunoglobulins) to fight against these allergens, the biochemical reaction causes inflammation and associated allergic symptoms

  • Numerous unidentified, chronic and recurrent symptoms are highly related to food allergy


Who suffers from allergies ?

  • Almost everyone has suffered unexpectedly from allergic symptoms, including skin rashes, diarrhea, headaches, irritable bowels, stuffy and runny noses or varieties of common uncomfortable symptoms.  If we include the less dramatic symptoms like occasional anxiety, joint stiffness, water retention, dark circles etc. It is estimated that at least one-quarter of the world’s population is living with avoidable allergies.

What factors can trigger allergies ?

  • Heavy metal exposure, food additives, imbalanced diets, stress, genetic predisposition, infections, inflammation, drugs, environmental pollutants and toxins are all possible factors to trigger allergies.

How can we help ?

  • Although there is no cure for food allergies, serious health consequences can be prevented through early recognition, strict avoidance of food allergens and effective management of the reactions when they occur

  • To achieve early recognition of your body’s food intolerances, Mineralysis Food Allergy Test is now available to measure 96 (up to 204) food allergens from one simple prick of the finger.  We can test some unique healthy foods like chia seed, fig, pine nut and some herbs (such as ginseng and licorice). The actual levels of antibody can be precisely measured against these individual allergens. The test will help you to understand what you need to omit or add to your diet to minimize allergic reactions


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